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Tag After School is a game in which you have to play the role of Shota-Kun, a high school student. You have to play different roles with perfection to meet the ideal personality demands for Shota-Kun. This game comes with a multifaceted end, 3D graphics, and realistic visuals. There are a variety of game characters, plenty of roles, and different challenges and tasks. Its unique storyline can end up the game with your character as a teacher, businessman, doctor, or anything else. Multifaceted gameplay allows you to go for any role in the game and enjoy the in-game life according to your desires. Download the app now and unleash non-stop entertainment joy on your Android & iOS devices.

Storyline of Tag After School APK

Storyline of Tag After School APK

In this simulation game, you have to play the role of a high school student named Shota-Kun. As you enter the game, you will start your new year of school at High School. In your school, you have to manage your studies, friendships, love interactions, and other roles. Managing all the roles and making a perfect student personality will give you progress in the game. Immersive gameplay, 3D graphics, a variety of characters, and realistic game physics make this game a perfect entertainment source. Moreover, this game will also help you to become an ideal student and person in your real life.

Features of Tag After School

This game offers unique gameplay variety of roles, and exciting game features. Here are the top features of the game to give you a complete idea about the game.

Unique Storyline

You won’t enjoy a game with this sort of storyline. This game offers a very unique storyline to boost the personality of students in the game and in real life. A unique storyline with immersive gameplay keeps players interested.

Multifaceted Ending

This simulation game differs from all other simulation games in terms of game endings. There can be any end to this game as it comes with a multifaceted ending. You can either finish as a businessman, a doctor, a perfect husband, a good teacher, or anything else.

Multiple Tasks & Roles

In Tag After School APK, players are assigned different tasks and rules to match their personalities. As a Shota-Kun character, you have to become a good friend, an ideal student, and a good love partner. All these rules and tasks give you in-game assets and money. These assets and in-game money can be used to customize your game character and develop your personality in the game. Moreover, challenging tasks and a variety of roles help players develop their ethical character in real life.

Variety of Characters

This game offers different characters for the Shota-Kun role and other roles in the game. There are characters for the teachers, classmates, friends, special ones, parents, and other roles in the game. A variety of characters not only helps you to identify the roles of different characters in the game but also makes the gameplay easy.

High-Quality Game Graphics

High-Quality Game Graphics

Despite being a simulation game, you will get very high-quality game graphics. You will experience a realistic gaming environment with realistic visuals. From school buildings to all the game characters, all visuals are in 3D graphic quality.

Play with Friends

Tag After School is an online game that offers simulation joy among online players. Users can invite their friends to enjoy the gaming joy of this personality-boosting simulator together.

Posting & Sharing

It’s a simple role-playing simulation game, still it comes with an integrated social side. The player can complete different tasks and create images of their cherished moments in the game. These images can be shared as social media posts to show your gaming brilliance to your social friends.

In-game Chatting Features

Real-time chatting and communication are very important in online games. Therefore this game also includes the chatting feature so that you can communicate with other players and your friends in the game.

Character Customization

As I mentioned earlier, this game has plenty of characters that play different roles. In addition to a variety of characters, this game also offers dozens of customizations for these characters. From Shota-Kun to all other characters, you can rejig the appearance of all.

Simple Game Controls

Simple Game Controls

Moving your character, and playing different roles in the game is easy. It offers an intuitive and highly responsive touch control panel to control the game.

Intuitive UI

The user interface of this simulator is quite simple and offers easy navigation. You can select different characters, game modes, levels, and tasks very easily.

MOD features of Tag After School MOD APK

There is a regular version of the game available across official app stores. However, the regular version may impose some restrictions or include premium features. Moreover, the free version has ads that cause interruptions in the gameplay. Hence, users look for a MOD version that overcomes restrictions, premium purchases, and ads. Players can enjoy the enhanced gameplay and advanced features and some MOD features are also listed here.

Unlimited Resources

Compared to the regular version of the game, Tag After School MOD APK brings unlimited resources for players. From coins to gems, these unlimited resources empower players to unlock various in-game items effortlessly.

Ad-Free Experience

You won’t go through ads in this rejigged version of the app to enjoy an uninterrupted simulation experience.

Customizable Characters

Customizable Characters

One standout feature is the ability to customize characters with unique outfits, accessories, and more. Stand out from the virtual crowd by personalizing your in-game avatar to reflect your style and preferences.

Enhanced Graphics

Experience the game in stunning visuals with enhanced graphics. The MOD version optimizes the visual elements, providing players with a more immersive and visually appealing journey through the corridors of the virtual school.

Tag After School Download

On this page, you can get the APK version file of this amazing simulation game to enjoy on your Android. To download & install this amazing fun kit on your device follow these user-guide steps.

  • Tap the “Download” icon on this page to Download the Tag After School Apk.
  • Now start the download process with a tap on the Download button and complete the process of downloading the APK file.
  • After that, put a finger on the “Settings” icon to launch this menu.
  • Navigate to the “Security” section and drag the toggle to turn it on given for “Unknown Source Installation”.
  • Once the permission is done, you can open the app file and complete the installation using the install button given there.


Tag After School is an online adventure simulation game that offers an engaging storyline and interesting gameplay. You have to play the role of a high school student who will start his new year at high school with some nerves. Control the Shota-Kun in the game and develop its personality for different roles and tasks in the game. Get the game now and enter the world of personality-boosting simulators to boost your gaming skills and personality in real life.


Can I Play Tag After School with friends?

Yes, this game offers an online game mode where you can invite your buddies. You can play the game with friends and can also communicate with them via text chat feature.

Is Tag After School for iOS?

This game is designed for versatile gameplay with diverse compatibility. Players can enjoy this game on iOS and Android without any restrictions or compatibility issues.