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Tekken 8 APK Download v0.9(Everything Unlocked) For Android

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Tekken 8 Apk is an Action game globally popular for its one-on-one epic fights, diversity of characters, and engaging gameplay. It offers the traditional gameplay of the Tekken series. You can enjoy the game with all your favourite heroes on your Android. It will keep you immersed with its 3D animations, high-quality graphics, and diversity of game modes. From arcade to one-on-one fights it offers all modes in online & offline gameplay. Moreover, a dynamic environment with all characters unlocked enhances the gameplay.

Gameplay of Tekken 8 APK

Gameplay of Tekken 8

Tekken series is a global brand in the world of PC games especially in the “Fight Game” category. It was initially designed for PC users and has enjoyed great success in the esports industry. But now its mobile version has been designed that offer traditional gameplay of the Tekken series for mobile users.

Its gameplay includes one-on-one fights in the best of three rounds. You have to pick your favorite character to take on the opponent in online mode or practice in offline mode. Each fight consists of three rounds and you have to win two out of three. If you win back-to-back rounds then there is no third round. Ride on your gaming skills and knock out the opponent in 1 minute round.

Features of Tekken 8 Apk

With traditional gameplay & optimized game controls, this game brings tons of features for mobile gamers. Let’s dig into it.

Features of Tekken 8 Apk

Epic Fights

You will enjoy the same taste of gameplay in this mobile game that you love to enjoy on your PC games of the Tekken series. With engaging one-on-one fights, the dynamic environment boosts your fighting experience. You can try all your favorite heroes and their skills with touch control on your mobile.

3D Animations

With advancements in technology, Tekken 8 APK Download also incorporated 3D animated visuals in this game. All your characters, their fighting dens, and other game visuals come in 3D quality with animated quality.

Engaging Music & Sound Effects

This comes with traditional background music for different heroes and realistic sound effects during fights. These sound effects and background music enhance the curiosity of gamers.

High-Quality Game Graphics

It was initially a PC game but developers’ hard work made it possible to incorporate the game with the same graphic quality for mobile users. With HD-quality graphics you will get every minute detail of the gameplay. Make sure to go with a high-end Android device that supports HD graphics.

Online & Offline Gameplay

Don’t have an internet connection for your mobile? No need to worry. This game offers an offline arcade mode to practice your fighting skills in one-on-one fights. Moreover, it also offers an online mode to take on fighters from around the world. You can also invite your buddies and fight against them.

Variety of Characters

Variety of Characters

Tekken 8 Apk Download contains all the traditional characters and many new characters are also included in this 8th edition of the game. Moreover, all the characters are unlocked if you download the game given on this page as we are offering a fully unlocked version for you.

Dynamic Gaming Environment

Previous editions of the Tekken series have static backgrounds. But for gamers who rejoice, this 8th edition designed for mobile users comes with a dynamic environment. All the visuals and backgrounds are dynamic to make your animated fights realistic.

Different Game Modes

This game offers different game modes in online & offline gameplay to enjoy fights. In online gameplay, you can go for one-on-one fights against online opponents. You can also play against friends in one-on-one mode or with friends in team mode. Moreover, offline gameplay is also there to enjoy the game without the internet in the arcade and practice mode.

New Moves & Power Combos

Compared to Tekken 2, 3, 4, and 5, here you will get new fighting combos. New powers, moves, and action packs are included in this latest mobile version of the game.

Intuitive Touch Controls

Intuitive Touch Controls

It was tough to bring all the controls of this PC game for mobile users. However, the developers of this game incorporated all the fighting buttons, joystick, and other game controls into an intuitive touch control panel. You can make all the moves, and actions, and use all powers with complete touch controls.

No Ads

This game has taken ads out of the equation. Whether you are playing online mode or practicing in offline mode, you will never face ads. It has a built-in blocker to limit all the ads from gameplay to enjoy a seamless fighting & gaming experience.

Tekken 8 Apk Download For Android

If you are willing to give a try to Tekken series on mobile, then this game is perfect for you. We have a fully unlocked game version for you on this page to download & enjoy the game on Android. So all you need is to set up this game on your Android using these instructions.

  • Get the APK file of the game with just a single tap on the “Download” button as we are offering a one-click download for you.
  • Make sure you have the APK file on your device and move it to your device’s “Settings” menu.
  • Here, you will find the “Security” tab that contains a permission toggle for “Unknown Source”.
  • Turn this toggle on.
  • You are almost done as now all you need is a tap on the “Install” button given within the APK file of this fighting game.
  • Complete installation with this button, launch the game, and enjoy fighting in offline & online gameplay on your Android device.


Tekken 8 Apk Download is the best Fighting game around the world for Android mobile users. It offers epic fights in various game modes. From arcade to practice, and from team mode to single-player mode, there are plenty of game modes in offline & online gameplay. Stunning animated 3D visuals, high-quality graphics, realistic sounds, and a dynamic gaming environment make it a perfect gaming saga. Download Tekken 8 APK now and enjoy the thrilling fights with traditional gameplay on your Android.


Can I Play Tekken 8 with my friends?

Yes, you can invite your real-life buddies and fight against them in online mode.

Is Tekken 8 offline?

Yes, it offers both online and & offline gameplay to enjoy epic fights with or without an internet connection.

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